Intensive Coursesin Burnley

Intensive courses are a great way to learn to drive if you are in a hurry for instance if you are going to be moving away, going off to uni shortly or you need to be able to drive for your job.

Are intensive courses better than weekly lessons?

With intensive courses you learn more quickly and the benefit is that you are less likely to forget things compared to traditional one driving lesson per week driving lessons. However there is a potential drawback – intensive driving lessons are not necessarily suitable for everybody. For some people they are just too intense and to have a gap between lessons is more beneficial and gives time for reflection and the opportunity to come to the next lesson fresh. It all depends on what works for you and i will adapt your lessons to fit you as an individual. If you are not sure whether an intensive course will be right for you then why not give me a call to chat it through?

Enquire about intensive courses in Burnley

To book an intensive driving course in the Burnley and Blackburn area or to enquire about prices then please complete our contact form.