Pass Plus

If you take the Pass Plus course after your driving test it will help you to be a more skifull, safer driver and may entitle you to an insurance discount.

The Pass Plus course comprises six modules of one hour each. Their is not a test at the end of the course, but your instructor needs to sign off that your driving has been satisfactory during the course.

The six modules included in Pass Plus are:

Town driving,
All weather driving,
Night driving,
Driving on rural roads,
Dual Carriageways

Although you will have had instruction and experience in a lot of these situations during the course of your lessons, the aim of pass plus will be to consider these situations in greater depth than you will have done on your pre-test driving lessons, help you to be more aware in these situations and give you more experience in them.

Please talk with your instructor if you want any more information about Pass Plus.